ORFEUS Annual Observatory Meeting and Workshop 2021

The future of digital seismological data services:

new data types and communities.

Thank you for your interest in the ORFEUS annual workshop 2021. We are looking forward to your participation and contributions! This web page contains links to the workshop program, the list of registered participants and other useful information. Please check this web page and your e-mailbox for up-to-date practical information.

8-9 November 2021 - Virtual sessions on zoom

Workshop program

The program of the workhop is here.

PDF copies of the presentations are available here.

Registered participants

List of registered participants.

Virtual meeting information and etiquette

Access information (zoom link, meeting ID, password) will be sent by email to the registered participants. In case of technical problems, alternative connection information will be sent by email. Please note:

  • There will be a waiting room, which will open every day 15 minutes before the official start of the first session; please do not wait until the last minute to join; if you leave the workshop and come back later, you will temporarily be placed in the waiting room until the host or a co-host will admit you.
  • Anonymous participants will not be admitted; please specify your Name and Surname when joining the meeting; otherwise you will be kept in the waiting room; your attendance to the meeting is automatically tracked by zoom; we will use this information to compile attendance sheets (and certificates of attendance, if requested).
  • Your microphones will be muted and your videos will be turned off upon entry; please keep mics muted and videos off unless you are a speaker, a convener, or a co-host.
  • Use the chat for short questions and comments, which will be managed by the conveners as soon as possible.
  • Please do not invite unregistered participants without previous coordination with the organisers.
  • Questions?

    Please contact the organisers by email.